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 ****  The Ozzie Levi Advanced Rating Scholarship ****


One scholarship of up to $2000 for an advanced rating is offered once a year and is usable for ratings and/or certifications leading to a CFI, CFII, or CFIG certification. Funds are disbursed incrementally upon completion of various “milestones” in training, such as passing the written exam, long cross country, etc.

This scholarship is available through a competitive process to licensed female pilots at least 17 years of age who live in, work in, or fly from an airport in the region served by the Antelope Valley Ninety-Nines. (See the “Requirements” section for criteria.) Previous recipients of an Ozzie Levi scholarship are eligible to apply for a new award if they have completed the rating or certification for which the previous awards were made. A new award must be used toward a new advanced rating or certification.

Ozzie Levi was a pilot based at William J. Fox Field in the Antelope Valley of California. He was an active volunteer in the Fox Airport Association and his community. Before he passed away, he asked that his friends and family would donate toward a scholarship to increase the number of general aviation pilots in the Antelope Valley instead of sending flowers to his funeral. His family asked the Antelope Valley Chapter of The Ninety-Nines (The International Organization of Women Pilots) to administer the scholarship because we are an IRS Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To honor Ozzie’s request, the AV99s have established a memorial scholarship to help women pilots obtain the advanced ratings needed to progress toward flight instructor certification.

****The Future Women Pilot Program****


The FWP program is meant to help female student pilots attain their private pilot ceritificate. Milestones are rewarded and reinbursements for flight training total $750.



Any female shall be eligible for membership in the Antelope Valley Chapter of the Future Women Pilots (FWP) program if she qualifies for Ninety-Nines International, Inc. membership.  (Note:  International membership for student pilots requires a current student medical and this special membership is for a maximum period of three years.  Student members may not vote or be a proxy at the International level.)



Ninety Nines International dues are $30 for the first year and $20 for the second and third years.  Those fees along with Chapter dues will be paid by the Chapter (see Funds Disbursement) for up to three-years.  Upon receipt of pilot’s license, members shall pay their own member dues.



The Future Women Pilots are required to attend a minimum of six (6) regular chapter meetings or activities each year.  They may vote or hold office at the Chapter and Section level, except for Chapter Chair and Vice-Chair.  In addition, the coordinator of the FWP program will establish a calendar of meetings, a minimum of four (4) each year, and FWP’s are expected to participate.  These meetings may include tower tours, safety meetings, etc.



The Scholarship Committee and FWP coordinator (who is a member of the Scholarship Committee) shall assign mentors. Mentors will be available for FWP’s during their ground/flight training and will provide advice, guidance and support along with attending FWP meetings with their assigned student.



Upon successful completion of the milestones listed below, the indicated amounts will be paid to the FWP or to the FWP’s fixed base operator where applicable:


International Membership ($30 1st yr/$20 2nd & 3rd yrs)            $70

Chapter Dues ($10 each year)                                       $30

FAA Written Exam                                                   $100

First Supervised Solo                                              $100

Long Cross Country                                                 $150

FAA Check Ride                                                     $200

Books & supplies (receipts required)                               $100

TOTAL:                                                             $750



The FWP program is a three-year program.  If certificate is not attained within the three years, membership from both International and the Chapter terminates.  Under special circumstances, extensions beyond the three-year period may be granted. 

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