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St. Patrick's Day Poker Run 2015

Pilots flew to 1 to 6 airports to collect cards for their poker hand. The highest poker hand won the best prize. The day included a delicious bbq.

Even though not held on actual St. Patrick's Day, the decorations made it feel like it was!

Ozzie Levi Memorial Scholarship presentation July 2015

The Ozzie Levi Memorial Scholarship committee officially presented the 2015 “Ozzie Levi Advanced Rating Scholarship" to Nancy Bradshaw on Monday evening, July 13, 2015, in the Lobby at Fox Field in Lancaster CA

Please join us to congratulate her on the scholarship award! 

South West Section Meeting Temecula 2015

The Ninety-nines chapters are organized in sections. The AV 99's belong to the South West Section. Twice a year a chapter from the section will host a bi-annual section meeting. This year one was in Temecula with as a spectacular activity going up in hot air balloons!


We continue to miss one of our founding AV Chapter Members

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